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Ireland: Meet us at our stand at the IWEA Annual Conference 23/24th March 2016

The IWEA Annual Conference is the main event in the Irish Wind Energy Calendar and this year Forte Renewables will be exhibiting. Come meet us at our stand (#28) where we will be happy to discuss with you any requirements you have for technical support in the development of your wind farm. We look forward to seeing you in Dublin!


Forte Renewables to Project Manage Concrete Tower Design Project

Forte to Assist CTE Wind Civil Engineering in the Development of a New Concrete Tower Concept

Forte Renewables have been contracted by CTE Wind Civil Engineering to provide expert Project Management Services for the development of a new concrete tower concept. CTE Wind, with a foundation design track record in 41 countries, are seeking to expand their offering to the market after approaches from a number of developers. Forte will use its extensive wind farm engineering know-how gained in 15 countries to date and concrete tower structural design experience to provide expert assistance to CTE Wind in the development of the prototype design.

CTE & Forte Renewables

CTE Wind’s CEO Alexander Martin with Forte Renewables Managing Director Fergal O’Mahony

Further Details

 Forte’s role will include the following:

 Expert Technical Reviews on Methodologies for Design, Erection and Commissioning

 ➜ Independent review of CTE’s design calculations

 ➜ Management of Certification Process and support with Patent Application

 ➜ Support with marketing and commercial activities

 ➜ Project management support for preparing the installation of the Prototype

‘We are delighted to be supporting CTE Wind with this exciting project. Having worked alongside CTE on over 10 wind farm development projects in France and internationally we have developed an excellent working relationship which will allow for efficient co-working and short lines of communication. We look forward to ensuring an effective launch of the new CTE concrete tower product. ‘ says Fergal O’Mahony Managing Director Forte Renewables.

‘We have selected Forte Renewables as an external project manager to utilize their extensive Wind Farm Engineering experience and international involvement in wind development projects. Their concrete tower design knowledge and multi-discipline engineering team will ensure we have an expert partner to support us with the development of our innovative concrete tower concept ‘ says Alexander Martin, CEO of CTE Wind.

The signing was done at the recent EWEA exhibition in Paris by Forte’s Director Fergal O’Mahony and CTE Wind’s CEO Alexander Martin. It is anticipated that designs for the first prototype project will be ready in late 2016.

Wind Farm Asset Management – It’s Not That Complicated!

Forte Renewables Asset Management

If you are an experienced Wind Farm Operator successfully managing a portfolio of wind farms then you can skip this article. However, if like the silent majority of people involved in the wind industry, who are confused by the terminology used, when discussing operating wind farms then read on because perhaps I can remove some of the confusion.

Firstly, let me confess that, coming from a civil engineering background, I was once part of the majority who really struggled with understanding operating wind farms. I silently suffered through presentations by industry experts discussing topics such as wind farm operations and technical management followed by the benefits of operation and maintenance best practice, yield improvements, operations trouble shooting and data mining of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). Dazed by the end of the presentations by jargon, fancy graphs and doctorate level mathematics I kept glancing at my nearest exit as the walls started closing in. Ahhh!


Asset Management versus O&M

I prefer to use the term Wind Farm Asset Management instead of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) when discussing management of operating wind farms.  As you will see below O&M is only a member of the greater AM family. When I mention AM to counterparts in the industry sometimes I’m met by “don’t you mean O&M because I associate Asset Management with the stock market?”. Well no actually. By definition Asset Management can be considered as “a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively.” For me that’s understandable language that non-turbine experts can digest.




But what are the constituent parts of AM and their relative costs? (Note for laymen: for AM costs we must use the term the industry convention terminology of operation expenditure or OPEX). When we refer to Asset Management costs we must consider 2 main constituents – O&M Costs (~60% of OPEX) and Other costs (~40%).



AM Cost 1: Non-O&M Costs

Let’s start with the Other Costs before opening the lid on the O&M box of hopping frogs….This includes items such as land lease, royalty payments, community contributions etc. (items where there are fixed agreements which should not change during a wind farms lifetime) and also business rates, property taxes, electrical export and transmission fees, decommissioning provisions etc. (items which are subject to annual change and outside of the wind farm owners control).



AM Cost 2: O&M Costs

And then there are O&M costs. This refers to all activities related to operating all wind farm plant including WTGs and other infrastructure known as Balance of Plant (BoP) along with related management and miscellaneous costs. O&M costs include WTG servicing and maintenance (~35% of total OPEX) along with WTG repairs and BoP maintenance (~15%). In addition management of these activities and managing the operation of the wind farm on a daily basis gives the remaining 10%.

Forte Renewables Asset Management Cost Breakdown

Good AM vs Wind Farm Profits

Lastly it is important to understand what impact good asset management practices can have on wind farm profits. Good asset management has a double benefit – it ensures wind turbines are operating as much as possible (less down time) at maximum production (more revenue). As OPEX contributes 30-40% of total Cost of Energy (CoE = OPEX + CAPEX) and cost reductions are considered more attainable than for CAPEX, chasing gains on OPEX side can lead to savings of up to 10% of CoE.

Savings of 10% – now we’re talking a language even civil engineers can understand!


Next Week: How to unlock those Asset Management savings



New HQ Office Opening / Art & Energy Talk

On October 13th Forte Renewables had the official opening of its new headquarters at the World Trade Centre in Amsterdam. To celebrate the event Forte invited Dutch artist Anne Marie Twigge to present her latest sculptural work AMRC 2015 and discussed with Fortes Managing Director, Fergal O’Mahony how Art and Energy are heading towards new and exciting futures and changing cultures.

In attendance were friends and invited members of the renewable industry who enjoyed cocktails and canapés at this unique talk and open discussion.

Tuesday, 13th Oct. 2015 – « Art & Energy in Pursuit of New Cultures »

 "Art & Energy in Pursuit of New Cultures"

« Art & Energy in Pursuit of New Cultures »


On the occasion of the official opening of our new office and the Amsterdam Offshore Energy Conference, Forte Renewables is delighted to host an evening with Dutch artist Anne Marie Twigge.

She will install her latest sculptural work AMRC 2015 and discuss with Fergal O’Mahony (Managing Director) how Art and Energy are heading towards new and exciting futures and changing cultures.

Enjoy cocktails and canapés at this unique talk and open discussion.


Tuesday, October 13th @ 6pm
Forte Renewables, World Trade Centre, Amsterdam

RSVP now >>>

Or confirm attendance by email to info@forterenewables.com


15 to 18 September 2015: Welcome to HUSUM Wind 2015 – the Home of the Wind Industry



The meeting place and shop window of the wind industry for over 25 years

For the last 25 years HUSUM Wind has been the leading biennial trade fair for the wind industry. Husum is now increasingly focussed on the core market of Germany and its neighbouring countries. As the showcase for innovative wind technology and solutions, we invite manufacturers and suppliers, operators, project developers and service providers, utility companies, municipalities and investors from all parts of the world to join us again in 2015 to learn about energy transition and wind power in action – with a special practical and market orientation – in an environment full of pioneering spirit and innovative power.

Being close to the heart of the market makes us special, and this is also what makes visitors and exhibitors so enthusiastic about HUSUM Wind.

It’s time to become a wind energy insider!

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Rio wind 2015 forte

Wind Power is now the fastest growing source of power generation in Brazil. Since 2009, when the Brazilian government took a series of incentive measures to introduce Wind Power in the Brazilian energy matrix, the energy auctions have already contracted about 6,7GW of installed power.

And this rapid growth is just beginning. Nowadays, Wind Power is the most competitive among all sources of electricity, second only to large hydroelectric plants, which are increasingly difficult to install due to environmental issues in Brazil.

Therefore, the winds that bring renewable energy to Brazil also create great opportunities for your company. The 6,7GW of new power already contracted, and to be installed, ensures a potencial market investment around USD15BI in the coming years.

The Brazilian Wind Power potential is estimated at 300GW and the expectation of the energy industry is to contract at least another 2,5GW per year until 2020. Adding, as of 2012, an extra 20GW of Wind Power to the system, at projected investments around USD50BI.

There is no better moment for your company to take advantage of the thriving Wind Power market in Latin America. The 5TH BWP Conference & Exhibition is the best opportunity to be part of the Brazilian and Latin American wind market. Now is the time to ensure your company’s participation in the largest Wind Power event in Latin America

Brazil Wind 2015

UK Community Energy Awards 2015

All over the UK, community energy projects are being established to improve the energy efficiency of homes and buildings, reduce fuel poverty and make renewable energy more affordable.

That’s why Energise London, a community energy organisation established the UK Community Energy Awards in 2014. And, this year, it is pleased to be working with Community Energy England and the Community Energy Coalition to deliver the event.

An exciting host of people from across the community energy sector will be at the awards ceremony to applaud the leading organisations and celebrate their unsung heroes.

We very much hope you can join us for what will be an inspirational and informative event.



There are now around 5,000 organisations involved in community energy. Co-operatives, Industrial Provident Societies, Community Interest Companies, Charities and unconstituted groups.

Virtually all rely on volunteers working incredibly hard to provide services in a tough financial climate. As a result, there are many outstanding achievements which we feel need to be recognised and applauded.

The 2015 Community Energy Awards therefore provides an opportunity for organisations and individuals to receive recognition for the work they do in helping communities take control of their energy bills and transform the energy system.



The Awards are FREE to enter and open to any UK-based not-for-profit organisation or group in the community energy sector (and other organisations in relevant categories).

There are 8 award categories this year and you must enter your organisation and / or nominate an organisation and / or an individual for an award by 30 June.

EWEA 2014 Annual Event

EWEA 2014 Annual Event, Europe’s premier wind energy event, presented an international platform for the wind energy industry to showcase and demonstrate its latest products and services. Forte engaged in a broad conference programme and unrivalled networking opportunities for new developments and possible partnerships.

National Eolien

France Energie Eolienne(FEE) invited  the major players in wind energy to exhibition at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. An exhibitor forum showcased all French industrial know-how.

Forte participated in this international dimension and shared its experiences and perspectives in the energy market in France and abroad.