Germany: Forte will deliver an expert presentation on WTG Foundation Project Management at the 7th Technical Conference: 8 and 9th December 2016

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7th Technical Conference with Exhibition
Subsoil Analysis, Ground Improvement and Wind
Turbine Foundations


The objective of the technical conference is to convey a detailed overview of comprehensive soil investigation methods
and appropriate subsoil improvement techniques, and how to choose the best foundation design for particular wind turbines.
We will discuss geotechnical basics and present real-world case studies with a focus on the interaction between
wind turbine design and type of foundation.
The conference is to enable participants to assess the geotechnical suitability of a site for the erection of a wind turbine
and to design the required foundation.

Fergal O’Mahony will do a presentation about  Foundation Interface, Risk and Project Management. 

We look forward to seing you there !