2.1 Asset Management Strategy



Identify most suitable level of involvement for the wind farm owner during operation.


Excessive cost of operation resulting in reduced returns on investment, reliance on OEM or 3rd party contractors leading to lack of control.

Forte’s Risk Mitigation:

1) In-depth study of site, preferred manufacturers WTG service offering, BOP contract offers

2) Detailed assessment of technology and operations risks and Asset management cost modelling

3) Analysis of alternative scenarios to determine level of involvement that produces lowest Cost of Energy for the client.

2.1 AMS -Pic1
3.1 OEM Shortlisting

√ Comprehensive analysis of all project and technical documentation

√ determine level of involvement that produces lowest Cost of Energy 



Wind Energy Asset Management (AM) is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of Wind Farms cost-effectively. It consists of both O&M and Non-O&M activities.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) refers to all activities related to operating and maintaining all wind farm plant including WTGs and BOP infrastructure along with insurance and management of activities.

Non-O&M activities includes controllable (land lease, royalty payments, Community contributions etc.) and non-controllable (business rates, property taxes, electrical export and transmission fees, decommissioning provisions) items.


1) Sign contract with Forte under EPC Manager Contract or as stand-alone package*

2) Issue all required project site information and employer requirements/preferences

3) Issue Forte with Work Package Instruction to Proceed


1. Requirements capture

Define requirements for comparison/evaluation based on clients input and Forte’s WTG procurement and operations experience.


2) Full project documentation review

  • Contracts : TSA, SSA, BOP, GCA
  • Wind Farm: WTG layout, wind studies, BOP layout, substations
  • Environment: Logistic, physical constraints, available resources
  • Studies / Research: Failure frequency statistic studies, yield improvement, available remote technologies system integration
  • Benchmarking: Large scale WF, multi-supplier sites extreme environment, EU & US best practices


3) Cost Modelling

  • Identify the expectations
  • Input data to cost model for various scenarios (OEM, ISP O&M, in-house etc.)
  • Simulate and validate findings
  • Fine-tune and identify best scenario Minimise OPEX and Maximise Revenue


4) WTG Service and Availability Agreement Review and Negotiation

See Link.



Note: the AMS process involves extensive client consultations to ensure the client’s wishes are incorporated during the process and feeds into the identification and ranking of AM Scenarios.


1) Memos and draft reports

These will be provided to update the client on the progress of the studies including outlining potential AM options and recording the decision making process to shortlist options.


2) Final report

The final report will provide a comprehensive summary of all investigations carried out and will include AM Strategy process research findings and concluding expert opinion on the most advantageous AM scenario.

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