2.2 Earth Works, Roads and Platforms Design



Prepare a comprehensive design to optimise procurement and construction of civil works.


  • insufficient design detail causing construction price uncertainty and procurement delays,
  • Issues with slopes and extent of earthworks due to use of 2-D design software,
  • site constraints not fully identified and remedial measures not identified.

Forte’s Risk Mitigation:

Our Issued for Tender (IFT) Design uses:

  • Highly experienced and dedicated road design technicians
  • best-in-class design software
  • Peer review by Forte’s Wind Farm Construction procurement team.
2.1 RDes -Pic1
2.1 RDes -Pic2

√ 3-D design as standard  

√ All Construction Details provided at Construction Tender Stage



A thorough and well considered design can avoid delays in project procurement and potentially additional costs and risks to safety of personnel and equipment.

Historically there is confusion in the industry as to where basic/preliminary design stops and detailed design begins. At Forte we prepare Issue For Tender (IFT) Designs using 3-D software that are to a level of detail so that construction companies can fully price and construct the designs.


1) Sign a) multiple work package (“EPC Manager”) contract or b) single-work package contract with Forte.

2) Issue all required project site information and employer requirements/preferences

3) Issue Forte with Work Package Instruction to Proceed


Phase 1 Preliminary Design (Layout Confirmation)

1. Requirements capture: Conduct reviews and document completeness checks for Topographical Survey, Geotechnical Reports, OEM Specification, Client requirements

2. Preliminary Design Preparation: Prepare design layouts based on input documents and investigate potential optimisations and value engineering

3. Preliminary Design Preparation: Finalise layouts after consultation with client and confirmation of layout suitability with WTG Supplier


Phase 2 Detailed Design (Construction Details)

4. Detailed Design Preparation: Execute design with full construction details in line with specification, programme and contract price as agreed in advance with client

5. Deliverable Issuance: Issue all deliverables necessary to facilitate the tendering of the Civil Construction Works

6. Design Certification: Provide all necessary assistance and as need supplementary documentation to ensure 3rd party quality assurance of design can be conducted efficiently.



Drawings (3-D AutoCAD (*.dwg) and PDF Files)

  • 3D Civil model of access roads, hardstands and turbine foundations to cater for the following: upgrading of existing Access Roads, creating new access roads, turning areas, Permanent Crane Platforms and Temporary Storage Areas, Site Facilities Compound, Under/ overground service crossing measures.
  • Plan & profile of access roads & 8 no. hardstands, 2 no. sections through each hardstand with existing and proposed levels shown
  • Autotrack analysis model for selected WTG on all access roads



  • Design basis report: Summary of design work completed
  • Bill of Quantities – Detailed breakdown per WTG and per access road for roads, platforms and earthworks suitable for inclusion in the BOP tender
  • Technical Specification for tendering the civil works (also includes Foundations)
  • Approximate project realisation planning schedules
  • Price estimation (±15%) for the complete realisation of the civil works

√ Result: Provision of best-in-class documentation to be used for Civil Works procurement and construction.



AutoCAD Civil 3D: 3-D Surface Modelling, Earthworks Mass Balance

AutoTrack: Delivery/Construction Vehicle Movement Modelling

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