2.3 Foundation Design



Prepare a comprehensive design to optimise procurement and construction of civil works.


  • Inexperience leading to inefficient and unsafe designs,
  • construction price uncertainty and delays with related contract negotiations,
  • absence of optimisation.

Forte’s Risk Mitigation:

We minimise risk via:

  1. Highly experienced and dedicated foundation design technicians
  2. experience of all major WTG models and design standards in multiple countries
  3. Peer review by Forte’s Wind Farm Construction procurement team.

*Forte works with our partner CTE Wind Civil Engineering for foundation design.

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√ Dedicated wind farm foundation design team

√ Completed designs for 14GW of WTGs in 41 countries



A well-produced foundation design is necessary to determine footprint, sizing and quantities of materials for each WTG foundation. This is essential for confirming the feasibility and economic viability of locating the WTG at its permitted location and for facilitating electrical and road designs.


1) Sign a) multiple work package (“EPC Manager”) contract with Forte or b) single-work package contract with CTE Wind Civil Engineering.

2) Issue all required project site information and employer requirements/preferences

3) Issue Forte with Work Package Instruction to Proceed


Phase 1 Preliminary Design (Layout Confirmation)


1. Requirements capture: Conduct reviews and document completeness checks for Geotechnical Reports, OEM Specification, Client requirements

2. Preliminary Design Preparation: Prepare design layouts based on input documents and investigate potential optimisations and value engineering

3. Consultation & Preliminary Design Completion: Finalise required design concept and number of foundation types after consultation with client, geotechnical engineer and WTG Supplier


Phase 2 Detailed Design (Construction Details)


4. Detailed Design Preparation: Execute design with full construction details in line with specification, programme and contract price as agreed in advance with client

5. Deliverable Issuance: Issue all deliverables necessary to facilitate the tendering of the Civil Construction Works

6. Design Certification: Provide all necessary assistance and, as needed, supplementary documentation to ensure 3rd party quality assurance of design can be conducted efficiently.


Note: CTE Wind Civil Engineering conducts the foundation design work while Forte manages the design interfaces with CTE Wind and others and drives the value engineering process ensuring simple communication and optimum value for client’s investment in designs.



Report: Foundation Design Stage 1 Report

  • Summary description of the design including: List of Input Documents and standards and results of Checks completed as part of Calculations.


Drawings: Preliminary Plans and Cross Sections for Foundation Layout

  • including all dimensions and relevant notes for attention, estimated quantities of concrete and reinforcement, concrete quality class


Report: Foundation Design Stage 2 report

  • Detailed report providing a fully detailed set of calculations for all checks needed to confirm adequacy of design for site, employer, national and industry requirements.


Drawings: Detailed Plans and Cross sections for Foundation Layout and Reinforcement

  • including all dimensions and relevant notes for attention, Required Quantities of Concrete, Required Quantities of Reinforcement, Concrete Quality Class, full reinforcement steel layout arrangements and bar numbering, Reinforcement schedules

√ Result: Provision of best-in-class documentation to be used for Civil Works procurement and construction.



Finite Element Modelling: Graitec (Effel)
Reinforcement Drwgs: Allplan (Nemetschek)

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