3.1 OEM Shortlisting



Identify most suitable OEMs for inclusion in the WTG procurement process.


Unproven technology risks, lack of suitability to conditions at subject site, financing risks.

Forte’s Risk Mitigation:

1. In-depth study of manufacturers experience, quality assurance and credit rating;
2. Detailed assessment of technology and operations risks;
3. Preliminary site suitability assessment and comparison with alternative technologies.

3.1 OEM Shortlisting
3.1 OEM Shortlisting

√ In-depth analysis of technology and operation risks 

√ Preliminary Site Suitability Assessments



When searching for a WTG model for a wind farm site there are thousands of options open to a client. The selection of the best WTG for the site needs to pay careful attention to the wind and site conditions and a preliminary screening will identify a list of suitable WTGs for further analysis during the WTG procurement phase. This allows like-for-like comparisons of technology issues and demonstrate to potential project financiers that a risk assessment of viable suppliers has been completed.


1) Sign a) multiple work package (“EPC Manager”) contract or b) single-work package contract with Forte.

2) Issue all required project site information and employer requirements/preferences

3) Issue Forte with Work Package Instruction to Proceed


1) Requirements capture

Define requirements for comparison/evaluation based on clients input and Forte’s WTG procurement and operations experience. This includes average wind speed and distribution, grid codes, permitting constraints etc.


2) Preliminary WTG Technology Screening Study

This is a short listing process of identifying suitable companies in the market. The initial screening will reduce the number of WTGs to 8-10.


3) Shortlisted WTG Technology Screening Study

These are then examined in detail based on publicly available information, provided specifically by the WTG suppliers on request from Forte and information from Forte’s WTG procurement and operation experience.

The study will consist of examining the following aspects for each WTG:

  • Suitability of WTG for the wind farm site

o   Assessment based on suitability of power curve, noise emissions, hub and tip heights etc.

o   Note: More in-depth investigation into site suitability and predicted production checks can be undertaken as part of a client’s Micrositing study and confirmed by the OEMs own in-house studies.

  • Manufacturers production facilities, quality assurance, track record and orders check
  • Technology concept history, evolution and latest design overview
  • Analysis on security of (replacement) parts, consumable spares and their suppliers
  • Serial defect investigation: Retrofits & critical components
  • Certification Checks

o   Identify whether models offered have received full type certification and if not a risk analysis is prepared

  • Potential operational issues

o   Insights into potential operational risks related to individual WTG models

  • Comparison with alternative turbines

o   Each turbine specification is judged using a weighted scoring system to enable comparison with the other WTG models studied



1) Memos and draft reports

As needed to update the client on the progress of the studies as they are being compiled.


2) Final report

The final report will provide a comprehensive summary of all investigations carried out and will provide concluding expert opinion on which WTG manufacturers and what specific models should be included in the WTG tenders.

√ Result: 3-5 OEMs recommended for invitation to the WTG procurement process

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