3.3 Grid Connection Agreement



Secure best construction contracts for client considering cost, planning, interfaces and risks.


  • Excessive costs,
  • Long lead time for connection,
  • Interface risks.

Forte’s Risk Mitigation:

  1. Detailed discussions with utility to explore cost and technical solution optimisations,
  2. Detailed analysis of contractual technical specifications and handover protocols,
  3. Careful analysis of interface and planning schedules.
Telecom Connection Agreement
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√ Validation of all technical specifications

√ Expert advice for Interfaces and planning issues



At Forte we have significant experience of supporting GCA negotiations. Often the TSO allows little room to negotiate but nevertheless Forte can provide the client with peace of mind that all technical aspects have been carefully considered and negotiated in best way.

The negotiation of Grid Connection Agreements is often limited due to the prior acceptance of the TSOs technical and financial proposal. Nevertheless, prudence is needed to ensure the GCA is negotiated in best manner to avoid hampering the construction and operation of the wind farm.


1) Receive grid connection offer from TSO

2) Sign a) multiple work package (“EPC Manager”) contract or b) single-work package contract with Forte.

3) Issue all required project site information and employer requirements/preferences

4) Issue Forte with Work Package Instruction to Proceed


Phase 1: Grid Offer Review and Negotiation

1) Establish Employers Preferences

Define requirements e.g. desired connection timeframe, costs and routing preferences based on clients input and Forte’s grid connection and electrical engineering procurement and operations experience.

2) Project Documentation and Offer Review

Examination of grid connection offer provided by TSO and all relevant project documentation provided by client and comparison with

3) Technical Meetings with TSO

Lead technical discussions with TSO regarding grid offer contents and push for optimisations in line with client preferences and project cost and planning optimisations.

4) Finalise Technical Aspects of Grid Offer

After negotiations are completed confirm revised offer documentation and preliminary grid connection design is in line with discussion and make recommendation for client acceptance.


Phase 2: Grid Connection Agreement Negotiation Support

5) Review of Grid Connection Contract and Technical Annexes

Forte will conduct a review to confirm that the previously agreed offer from the TSO has been transferred correctly to the GCA document.

6) Support at GCA Negotiation Meetings

Forte will provide the client with technical support during final discussions prior to signing the GCA. If and when documentation is considered by Forte to be in line with requirements a recommendation will be made to the client to close the financial discussions.




1) Memos and Documents

  • Connection Offer Review and Evaluation Memo
  • Minutes of Meetings and/or Task Lists from Negotiation Meetings
  • Preparation of any necessary technical documents for negotiations

√ Result: Strong technical support to facilitate well negotiated GCA

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