4.1 Factory Acceptance Tests



Confirm quality of components leaving the factory (FAT).


Damaged/incorrect parts shipped to subject wind farm due to inadequate quality assurance from OEM.

Forte’s Risk Mitigation:

In-depth study of manufacturer’s quality assurance documentation and implementation at production facility; detailed checks on parts prior to leaving factory; quality checks and preparation of punchlist after arrival of components at project site..

4.1 FAT -Pic 1
4.1 FAT -Pic 2

√ In-depth analysis of OEM facilities and quality assurance procedures

√ Acceptance Tests at Factory to confirm quality prior to shipping 



The capital investment for procuring WTGs is significant and can correspond to up to 70% of the Wind Farm Capex. Quality defects that are identified during operation will require significant efforts on the part of the client to rectify and carries the risk of generating potential losses due to WTG downtime. Accordingly, to protect this investment, it is prudent to consider quality inspections of parts prior to the components leaving the production facilities. These inspections are known as Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs)

Tests are primarily focused on the following items:

–          Blades

–          Nacelle Assembly

–          Tower sections


1) Sign a) multiple work package (“EPC Manager”) contract or b) single-work package contract with Forte.

2) Issue all required project site information and employer requirements/preferences

3) Issue Forte with Work Package Instruction to Proceed


1) Document Desk Research

All documentation shall be carefully examined prior to commencement of any quality checks. Documents to be reviewed shall include WTG specifications, quality manuals and certifications.

2) Factory Acceptance Test

Surveys to be completed at the manufacturing workshop and will be focused on the following:
Blades manufacturing:

  • Quality Plan Review
  • Visual inspection of ongoing jobs.
  • Visual inspection of finished blades before shipping.
  • Documentation review

Wind Turbine manufacturing (Nacelle assembly):

  • Visual inspection of units under assembly.
  • Visual inspection of assembled wind turbines.
  • Visual inspection of electrical installation.
  • Documentation review, (components certificates, production worksheets etc)


  • Quality Plan review
  • Welding Procedures Specification
  • Welders Qualification
  • Constructive drawings versus reviewed drawings
  • Visual inspection of ongoing jobs.
  • Witnessing of Non Destructive Testing.
  • Visual inspection of finished towers before shipping


1) Memos and draft reports

These will be provided to update the client on the progress of the studies as they are being completed

2) FAT report

The report will provide a comprehensive summary of all investigations carried out and will provide concluding expert opinion based on information provided by the OEM or obtained from independent research combined with Forte’s experience.

3) FAT Punchlist

This will detail items identified as requiring rectification and a summary record of agreed actions from discussions with OEM. It will be monitored and updated on an ongoing basis during the until all open items are cleared.

√ Result: Quality Assurance of WTG Components prior to shipping to Wind Farm

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