4.2 BOP Works Monitoring



Management of Interfaces, Programme and Quality assurance of works completed.


  • Inadequate planning and interface risk mitigation causing delays or rework,
  • cost overruns and potential liquidated damages from OEM;
  • poor quality works not identified until after construction completion

Forte’s Risk Mitigation:

  1. Pre-construction planning/interface meetings chaired by Forte,
  2. Review/ optimisation of project programme and creation of risk and interface matrices
  3. On-site inspection of works by Fortes expert BOP/ WTG team and best-in-class reporting
4.2 BOP M  -Pic1
4.2 BOP M  -Pic2

√ Programme optimisation and risk mitigation 

√On-site inspection of works by Fortes expert BOP and WTG team



The project programme requires careful management and regular review and update to ensure the activities of multiple contractors on site is coordinated efficiently. Interfaces have to be examined in depth and potential issues mitigated at first opportunity. Quality Assurance is essential to ensure non-conformities with contractual requirements are identified at an early stage and remedial measures put in place.

The monitoring of these 3 key items requires experts with significant experience who have a clear understanding of individual scopes, interfaces and expected quality of all work packages.


1) Sign a) multiple work package (“EPC Manager”) contract or b) as combined construction work package (also including WTG Works Monitoring and Wind Farm Handover).

2) Issue all required project site information and employer requirements/preferences

3) Issue Forte with Work Package Instruction to Proceed


A summary of most important points are given below (full detailed scope available on request)


Interface and Risk Mitigation

  • Commencing at the procurement phase Interface and Risk Mitigation recorded and mitigation measures identified for all contracts.
  • After contract signing and conformation of proposed programme and start dates these should be updated via workshop meetings with contractors


Safe Site Set-Up

  • Obtaining, reviewing and approving Safety and Health Protection plans from each Contractor.
  • Responsible for ensuring site set-up is carried out promptly and in accordance with design and Health and Safety Plans and current HSE Regulations



  • Review and approve, implement and update the project Programme on the basis of information presented by Contractors during construction
  • Monitoring of punctuality of equipment and material deliveries, and their control regarding conformity to the Schedule and technical documentation requirements
  • Should the contractors fall behind the agreed schedules they shall be ordered to make up lost time with accelerated work plans.


Quality Assurance

  • Quality control of equipment delivered to the site, construction materials and executed works and confirmation that it conforms with Contract Documents
  • Checking of correctness of certificates and attestations issued by suppliers and their conformity to standards
  • Supervision on eliminating nonconformities
  • Preparation and delivering to the Employer inspection reports
  • Planning, preparing and carrying out partial and final acceptances


Health and Safety

  • Supervision on observing by Contractors rules and regulations of HSE and fire protection and conformity of works execution to discipline energy regulations



  • Monitor Contractors adherence to Environmental conditions contained within the building permit
  • Monitor Contractors adherence to national and industry standards with regard to protection of the Environment




1) Weekly Reporting

  • Document summarising progress of the works on site and points for attention of client
  • It will contain photographic surveys, progress monitoring, programme compliance, upcoming activities etc


2) Punch List

  • This will detail items identified as requiring rectification and a summary record of agreed actions on issue resolution from discussions with Contractors. It will be updated on an ongoing basis during the construction phase until all open items are cleared

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