4.3 WTG Works Monitoring



Ensure on-site WTG works are supplied to the required standard and to the agreed schedule


  • Inadequate planning and interface risk mitigation causing delays,
  • cost overruns, potential losses of production revenue;
  • poor quality works not identified until after construction completion

Forte’s Risk Mitigation:

  1. Thorough Factory (optional) and Site Acceptance Checks,
  2. In-depth review and understanding of WTG technical specifications and erection and commissioning manuals and thorough review and optimisation of project programme,
  3. Close monitoring and inspection of OEMs activities on site and test witnessing.
4.3 WTG M -Pic1
4.3 WTG M -Pic2

√ In-depth understanding of WTG erection/commissioning procedures

Close monitoring and inspection of OEMs activities and test witnessing on site



As the majority of the CAPEX costs relate to the WTG Supply Package careful attention must be paid to the delivery, erection and commissioning of the WTGs to ensure risks of quality defects, interface issues with other contractors and delayed project handover are mitigated.


1) Sign contract with Forte under EPC Manager Contract or as combined construction work package (also including BOP Works Monitoring and Wind Farm Handover)

2) Issue all required project site information and employer requirements/preferences

3) Issue Forte with Work Package Instruction to Proceed


BOP Works Acceptance

Forte manages this process and ensures the following are delivered to the OEM:

  • Roads and Platform Bearing Tests, geometrical and slope checks
  • Foundation concrete strength tests and insert ring/anchor bolts alignment checks
  • Electrical ducting and earthing provisions


WTG Components Site Acceptance Tests

The following checks will be completed:

  • Labelling of parts and checks on Bills of Lading
  • Visual inspections of all components
  • Preparation of punchlist to record identified defects
  • Inspections of repairs carried out on site
  • Checks on storage of components


WTG Erection Checks

  • Monitoring of Health, Safety and Environmental issues
  • Checks on erection activities and any component damages that are caused
  • Assistance with resolving issues with landowners


WTG Start-Up and Commissioning

  • Review of schedule of tests, after assembly checks and WTG energisation schedule.
  • Review and supervision of tests and after assembly checks
  • Review of overall commissioning protocol in consultation with contractors and client.
  • Monitor coordination and interfaces/technical issues with TSO, contractors and telecom provider and adherence to programme.
  • Review and verification of the WTG Supplier’s completed commissioning documentation
  • Supervision of energising, commissioning and reliability tests.

o   Forte conducts random partial checks during the commissioning phase and conduct a full inspection of a representative sample of the turbines upon commissioning completion.

  • Witness of tests and checks on commissioning, SCADA and reliability runs.
  • Coordination and supervision of functional tests. Coordination of tests and checks carried out together with national grid operators and the contractors.


1) Weekly Reporting

  • Document summarising progress of the works on site and points for attention of client
  • It will contain photographic surveys, progress monitoring, programme compliance, upcoming activities etc


2) Punch List

  • This will detail items identified as requiring rectification and a summary record of agreed actions on issue resolution from discussions with Contractors.
  • It will be updated on an ongoing basis during the construction phase until all open items are cleared

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