4.4 Wind Farm Handover



Ensure works handover to client is to quality expected, efficient and punctual .


  • Delays/non-completion by contractors of punchlist items
  • Inadequate quality of as-built/quality documentation
  • Issues with landowners municipal authorities caused by delays/ work completion quality

Forte’s Risk Mitigation:

  1. Incentivise completion of punchlist items when negotiating contracts
  2. Detailed specification of required quality documentation and in-depth review on receipt,
  3. Engagement and informing all windfarm stakeholders and neighbours of site activities.
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4.4 WF H-O -Pic2

√ Detailed specification of required quality documentation 

√Thorough review of all quality documentation by our expert BOP and WTG team



Once the wind farm construction is substantially complete there still remains the task of ensuring all quality documentation is received and approved and all works are completed. If not managed efficiently and effectively this can cause delays in closure of the construction phase and significant inconvenience for the client.


1) Sign contract with Forte under EPC Manager Contract or as combined construction work package (also including BOP Works Monitoring and Wind Farm Handover)

2) Issue all required project site information and employer requirements/preferences

3) Issue Forte with Work Package Instruction to Proceed


BOP and WTG Handover

  • Verification of the commissioning documentation (as-built documentation, protocols, attestations, certificates etc.)
  • Verification of the maintenance and operation manuals of individual Contractor
  • Supervision of the substantial completion (i.e. verification that works have been substantially complete except for outstanding minor punch/snag list items)
  • Ensuring Contractor provides notification to the Authorities of Works Completion


Wind Farm Handover

  • Verification that all agreed works are complete and correct
  • Issue of Substantial Completion Certificates
  • Verification that all as-built documentation was received and is to the required standard
  • Final site inspection and updates of the Punch Lists for each contractor
  • Inspection of punch list remedies and confirmation that punchlist is complete
  • Recommendation to client to prepare Issue of Site Handover Certificates


Note: The Client or his representative will be the sole allowed signer of the Substantial Completion Certificates, Take Over Certificates and Final Completion Certificates.



1) Weekly Reporting

  • Document summarising progress of the works on site and points for attention of client
  • It will contain photographic surveys, progress monitoring, programme compliance, upcoming activities etc.


2) Punch List

  • This will detail items identified as requiring rectification and a summary record of agreed actions on issue resolution from discussions with Contractors.
  • It will be updated on an ongoing basis during the construction phase until all open items are cleared

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